Business Outline

A wide-ranging product lineup that meets a variety of needs

AHB's brake parts are well thought of due to our stable supply of high-quality products and are employed by many major automobile manufacturers. In particular, we offer full lineup of drum brakes in various sizes and types and are able to supply products that meet any needs.

Major Products

MOC [Motor On Caliper] (passenger vehicles)

Production of disc brakes with an electric parking function will begin in 2021.

MOC [Motor On Caliper]

Drum brakes (passenger/commercial vehicles)

Full lineup of drum brakes in various sizes-from rear drum brak es (Φ165) for Kei cars (light vehicles) to drum brakes (Φ410) for large trucks-and all types of brakes catered to vehicle types. We propose brakes in the most suitable combination in consideration of diverse needs.

Drum brake for large commercial vehicles (SAW)

Drum brake for large commercial vehicles (S cam)

Drum brake for medium-sized commercial vehicles

Drum brake for passenger vehicles


In addition to drum brakes, AHB manufactures disc brakes (for commercial vehicles) and brakes for forklifts, four-wheel buggies and golf carts. We are also capable of high-mix low volume production.

Brakes for forklifts

Disc brakes (medium-sized commercial vehicles)


Wheel cylinder

Wheel cylinder

We manufacture aluminum wheel cylinders using extruded aluminum. Our wheel cylinders manufactured by highly automated facility are highly thought of by automobile manufacturers due to their high reliability and quality.

Adhesive technology for shoe assembly

Shoe adhesion process

Shoe assembly

Shoe assembly used for drum brake consists of shoe (metal) and friction material. Our proprietary adhesive technology is highly thought of by automobile manufacturers. AHB's brake shoe assemblies, with their
high strength, durability and weather resistance, satisfy the
needs of automobile manufacturers that sell cars at many locations worldwide.

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