At AH Brake, we uphold a corporate philosophy of “Inspiring ‘movement’, creating tomorrow,” As a manufacturer specializing in brake components, we have earned our customers' trust and have made contributions to society by continually achieving technological reforms so as to provide everyone with the safest brakes in the world.

We will strive to create products that accommodate the trends in the automobile industry towards achieving autonomous driving and electric propulsion in the future. Through technological development and transformative manufacturing founded on quality, we aim to fulfill our customers' expectations of us while achieving growth on a global scale.

Going forward, we will take care to maintain a balance between society and the natural environment, while exerting effort to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.

We kindly request your cooperation and support regarding our business.

Motoshi Ito, President

Company Profile

Company name AH BRAKE CO., LTD. Representative Motoshi Ito, President
Registration February 1, 2018 Number of employees Consolidated basis:489
(as of the end of march 2021)
Unconsolidated basis:289
(as of the end of march 2021)
Establishment April 1, 2018 Subsidiary AHT (AH BRAKE (THAILAND) CO., LTD.)
Scope of business Manufacturing and sales of brakes
(including development and design)
Capital 845 million yen Sales turnover Consolidated basis:12.7billion yen
(April 1, 2020 through march 31, 2021)
Unconsolidated basis:7.9billion yen
(April 1, 2020 through march 31, 2021)

Corporate Structure / Policy

Highly efficient manufacturing with global expansion

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of their drum brake businesses, AH Brake Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 by ADVICS Co., Ltd. and Hosei Brake Industry Co., Ltd. We believe that our mission is to pursue higher potential by utilizing our expertise that we have built up over a long time and optimizing and improving efficiency at our offices and plants inside and outside Japan. Taking pride as a supplier of important safety-related parts, we always think one step ahead of the needs of the time and commit ourselves to meet such needs under our philosophies of "Safety and Environment" and "Quality First."
※The company name "AH Brake" consists of the initial letters of Aisin and ADVICS(A) and Hosei (H).

Domestic Sites

635-23 Komugyo, Nishihirose-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi 470-0309, Japan

Major Products :
Motor On Caliper, Drum brakes, brake shoes and disc brakes

International Sites

RAYONG WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial
Estate 1

Major Products :
Drum brakes and Brake shoes for commercial, passenger vehicles and Drum brakes for commercial vehicles


July 1964 Start of manufacturing of drum brakes at Miai Plant (Okazaki City, Aichi), Nisshin Cotton Spinning Co., Ltd. (current Nisshinbo Holdings, Inc.)
May 1968 Transfer of manufacturing from Miai Plant to Nagoya Plant (Minami Ward, Nagoya City)
June 1984 Start of manufacturing of disc brakes for commercial vehicles
November 2005 Start of relocation from Nagoya Plant to Toyota
January 2007 Establishment of Toyota Plant
February 2007 Acquisition of TS16949 certification
July 2007 Acquisition of ISO14001 certification
April 2009 After business divisions are spun-off, becomes Toyota Office, Nisshinbo Brake Inc.
January 2018 Acquisition of IATF16949 certification
April 2018 Establishment of AH Brake Co., Ltd. upon business transfer from Nisshinbo Brake Inc. to Hosei Brake Industry Co., Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility

AHB aims to become a company that is loved and trusted and that coexists harmoniously with nature and society.
In order to achieve CO₂ zero emissions toward a sustainable society, AHB comprehensively manages CSR activities under the Aisin Consolidated Environmental Policy, Aisin Way and Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior. We also conduct a variety of volunteer activities as a company that has close links with local communities.

Emergency power supply

We have three street lights equipped with solar panels on our corporate site, which can be also used as an emergency power supply.

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