Technological information

A sense of security and comfort through cutting-edge technology

As a supplier of important safety-related parts, AHB has been committed to research and development every day under the philosophies of "Safety" and "Quality First." The driving force in our commitment are the smiles of all drivers and passengers.
We make efforts to improve brake technologies that realize safer and more comfortable driving. At the same time, we implement proactive efforts to ensure employee safety.

Analysis of vibration and abnormal noise based on cutting-edge technology and feedback from end users

For nearly 50 years we have been committed to the analysis of vibration and abnormal noise. To investigate the causes of these problems and improve quality, we not only use state-of-the-art measuring instruments but also proactively ask our dealers and end users about quality, so that we can develop products that satisfy all drivers and passengers. Our continuing efforts have earned us an excellent reputation with automobile manufacturers.

Delivering high quality reliable products through development of multi-skilled workers

People are an essential part of manufacturing. For human resource development, AHB focuses on the development of multi-skilled workers who can share tasks. Leveling technologies and the elimination of unbalanced workloads enable us to minimize defects and delayed delivery.
Development of multi-skilled workers embodies the manufacturing of high quality, stable and reliable products.

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